Lethbridge’s haunted nightlife


Yates Memorial Centre

Genevieve E. Yates Memorial Centre has a graveled storage area nicknamed Pebble Beach that is frequented by two ghostly little girls. The girls have been seen coming from the storage area and heading for the restroom late at night. Once in there, they vanish. The dressing rooms and green room also are said to be haunted with phantom perfume smells, apparitions and other mysterious happenings.

Bowman Arts Centre

Bowman Arts Centre is reportedly haunted by a young Chinese girl who can be heard crying out from the women’s restroom. Although visitors and staff have gone in to try to help the crying girl, no one has ever found her.


Galt Museum and Archives

The historic museum was a former hospital, and a patient who passed away there has been heard walking through the hallways of the museum late at night. Doors will fly open by themselves when people walk past.

(from http://www.hauntedplaces.org)


And one more I’ve personally heard of, Victoria Park High School

According to at least one former staff member, Vic Park, formerly the home of Hamilton Junior High School, has a janitor who haunts the hallways late at nights. It’s said he committed suicide within the building and can still be seen, and smelled, smoking his pipe.

Happy Halloween!                                                            ghostly-trio



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